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March 22, 2015  St. John Klimakos Sunday  (Greater faith and holiness rub off onto those who seek it.)

March 15, 2015  Veneration of the Cross Sunday  (The spirit of total self-denial is like giving away our daily bread.)

March 8, 2015  St. Gregory Palamas Sunday  (In Apostolic Christianity, God's grace is direct, not a supernatural event or a past event.)

March 1, 2015  Sunday of Orthodoxy  (God calls us always.)

February 22, 2015  Forgiveness Sunday  (Forgiveness should be more than superficial.)

February 15, 2015  Judgment Day Sunday  (Judgment Day is also about the right kind of generosity and the right kind of stinginess.)

February 8, 2015  Sunday of the Prodigal Son  (Our false father makes us brats, while our heavenly Father makes us repentant.)

February 1, 2015  Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee  (Looking at ourselves in the spiritual mirror is not a pretty sight.)

January 25, 2015  Zaccheus Sunday  (Shamelessness loses God;shamefulness gains God.)

January 18, 2015  32nd Sunday After Pentecost  (Blind faith vs. true faith.)

January 11, 2015 Sunday After Theophany  (True prophecy vs. other religions.)

January 4, 2015  Sunday Before Theophany  (The Gospel is full of beginnings.)

December 28, 2014  Sunday After the Nativity of Christ  (Christ's Flight to Egypt, fleeing evil, is not Escapism.)

December 25, 2014  Birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ  (The star of peace and wisdom.)

December 14, 2014  Sunday of the Forefathers  (Using happiness and unhappiness to rebel against God.)

December 7, 2014  Twenty-Sixth Sunday After Pentecost  (Learning what is acceptable to the Lord comes from being with Christ at the altar of the Church.)

November 30, 2014  Twenty-Fifth Sunday After Pentecost  (The growth of spiritually conflicting laws in Christ's time and today.)

November 23, 2014  Twenty-Fourth Sunday After Pentecost  (Heavenly citizenship is greater than earthly citizenship.)

November 16, 2014  Sunday of St. Matthew the Apostle  (The Lord Jesus associates with sinners, not with the self-righteous.)

November 9, 2014  Twenty-Second Sunday After Pentecost  (Hiding & running from God vs. hiding & walking with God.)

November 2, 2014  Twenty-First Sunday After Pentecost  (The formation of hell is self-fulfilling distance.)

October 26, 2014  St. Demetrios Sunday  (The world's hatred of what is Apostolic.)

October 19, 2014  Nineteenth Sunday After Pentecost  (Divine experiences vs. human experiences.)

October 12, 2014  The Fathers of the 7th Ecumenical Council  (Cultivating spiritual improvement.)

October 5, 2014  Seventeenth Sunday After Pentecost  (Human equality vs. Divine equality.)

September 28, 2014  Sixteenth Sunday After Pentecost (Zeal and indifference.)

September 21, 2014  Sunday After the Exaltation of the Cross (As Jesus specifically states, the Prophets wrote that God talks to God, which is manifested by the Holy Trinity, Three Persons in One Nature.)

September 14, 2014  Sunday of the Exaltation of the Cross  (Those who take the Cross most seriously take life and death most seriously.)

September 7, 2014  Sunday Before the Exaltation of the Cross (The Cross fulfills Moses's life-giving serpent, which Judaism can't explain.)

August 31, 2014  Twelfth Sunday After Pentecost (Wealth doesn't cause human suffering & hating wealth doesn't cause human perfection.)

August 24, 2014  Eleventh Sunday After Pentecost (The true and false meanings of debt.)

August 17, 2014  Tenth Sunday After Pentecost (True and false faith, or grace and magic.)

August 10, 2014  Ninth Sunday After Pentecost (Good and bad divisions.)

3.17.13 Sunday of Forgiveness

3.31.13 2nd Sunday of Lent

4.7.13 3rd Sunday of Lent


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