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Welcome to St. Gregory's
Welcome to Our Parish!

St. Gregory of Nyssa Orthodox Church is a parish of the Eastern Orthodox Christian Faith located in Seaford, NY (on the south shore of Long Island).  We are a member of the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of the U.S.A., under the spiritual leadership of His Grace, Bishop Gregory of Nyssa. We are an autonomous diocese under the spiritual protection of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, His All-Holiness, Bartholomew I.

St. Gregory of Nyssa Church serves those who seek to worship the Triune God in the English language.  Though Americans, we are faithful people from various ethnic backgrounds, including Carpatho-Russian, Greek, Ukrainian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Russian, Serbian and Arab heritage, as well as Philippine and Chinese.  The parish is also comprised of numerous converts to the Orthodox Faith.

Our doors are open to all people who are seeking God and we hope that you will consider making St. Gregory’s your spiritual home.

For a brief history of the American Carpatho-Russian Diocese, click here . For a history of St. Gregory's, click here.

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The Iconostatsis
The Iconostatsis
The Iconostatsis
The Church Interior
The Church Interior
The Church Interior
The Holy Altar
The Holy Altar
The Holy Altar
Worship Times

Saturday Evenings: Vespers at 5:30 PM, with Confessions by request afterwards.

Sunday Mornings: Third Hour (prepatory prayers) begins at 9:15 AM. Divine Liturgy begins at 9:30 AM.


General Information About Services

   Every Saturday, unless necessarily cancelled, we have the Vespers service at 5:30 PM. One of the most important ways we can prepare ourselves for the Sunday Divine Liturgy is to participate at Saturday Great Vespers. Vespers introduces the holy theme for Liturgy, which is every Sunday at 9:30 AM.

   Confession is available after Vespers and after Liturgy. But if there is time, ask Fr. Andrew if a confession can be made before Vespers or Liturgy. If you miss Confession during these times, ask or call Fr. Andrew to schedule a day and time during the week.

   Unless a major feastday occurs on a dilfferent day of the week, we celebrate the Divine Liturgy every Wednesday at 9:00 AM. So check the monthly calendar, as listed on this webpage. During Great Lent, Wednesdays (and possibly Fridays) are set aside as days we gather to receive the Eucharist at the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts. The frequent reception of the Eucharist is one of the great blessings we can participate in as Orthodox Christians.

   It is possible on certain major feastdays that a Vesperal Liturgy is celebrated. Again, check the monthly calendar. This gives more people a chance to receive the Eucharist and for us to gather as a community.

St. Gregory of Nyssa Church School

Our 2015-2016 Church School year began on Sunday, September 27th. Every Sunday, teachers and children are dismissed after the reception of the Eucharist. We ask that those going to Church School please leave the church quietly and if possible go out the front doors of the church so as to minimize distractions for those remaining.

Any parents interested in having their child go to Sunday School, talk to Russell Howard (high school and junior high school) or Carolyn Popadin-Lesniak (under junior high school). If your child is not yet a part of Church School, it does not matter when the child joins the class. Lessons each Sunday are based on religious books and/or Fr. Andrew's sermons and the children's bulletin. We are blessed to have children study the Gospel, no matter when or how many times, though we hope every Sunday!

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Christmas Youth Play

   It was wonderful to see our children present the Birth of the world's Savior. It was as if time was transcended by our Creator Himself, for even St. Nicholas came to celebrate. All the prophets looked forward to the Christ Child and now all the saints rejoice with the angels.

Latest Parish News and Notes

Our Church's Bulletins, Weekly Lessons for Adults

and Weekly Teachings for Children

Fr. Andrew's Sermons (added every week)

Essays from Bulletins, also Answers to Questions

St. Gregory's Nursery School 2016-2017

In our 36th Year of Serving Familes on the South Shore

 Click here for the 2016-2017 School Calendar
FOR 2016-2017 PROGRAMS  -
(For more information about the nursery school,
click on the link at the upper left side of this website.)
Eastern Orthodox College Students

His Grace, Bishop Gregory of the American Carpatho Russian Diocese in the USA is the episcopal liason to the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in North and Central America for the Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF).

Every year a Sunday is set aside to highlight the work of the OCF and to call attention to the critical importance of helping our college students stay connected to their Orthodox Faith during their college years.

Read more here about the OCA College Student Sunday and consider supporting this important ministry.

New Icon Installed at St. Gregory\'s

   In memory of Deacon Richard Howrilka, St. Gregory's is graced with its newest icon of the Nativity of our Lord. Written by renowed iconographer Vladimir Grygorenko, the newest icon is a complement to our first mural icon of the Cruxifiction of our Lord.

   Many thanks to Vladimir Gregorenko for his presentation to our parish on what new iconography can look like at St. Gregory's and how it can be a tool for greater worship and outreach as we spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Address of Bishop Gregory at the 2013 SOBOR

Please take the time to listen to the Address of our Bishop Gregory at the recently concluded SOBOR in Johnstown. It was not just for those who attended but for all members of our Diocese. 


 The 2013 ACROD SOBOR was held last week in Johnstown, PA, hosted by Christ the Savior Cathedral. Several proposals were submitted to the SOBOR for consideration. Below is the list of approved Proposals with Action Items and Dates for their implementation. Please take a few moments to review the approved Proposals. If you have any questions, please talk to Fr. Andrew or Bill Korchak.

On a related note, congratulations to Bill Korchak on being elected to the ACROD Board of Trustees. I believe this is the first time our parish has had representation on the Board. 


1. The Diocese will establish a Health Care Insurance committee to make recommendations to clergy and parishes of the health care insurance options open to clergy so that parishes can make better choices in this area.

2. The Diocese will establish a web-based Christian Education program to assist parishes with parish Orthodox Christian education. It will utilize and expand the existing website resources in accordance with the already existing Diocesan education goals previously established by Metropolitan Nicholas.

3. The Consumer Price Index will be used to adjust the parish diocesan assessment on an annual basis, in the same manner as clergy compensation.

4. The Diocese passed a Diocesan-wide Stewardship Program with the goal of moving parishes away from annual dues to the parish and toward a percentage based system. To this effect the following Action Items are required of each parish by the following dates:

a. Each parish will appoint a local stewardship coordinator to work with the diocesan Stewardship Commission and to lead the stewardship planning, education, and programs of the parish; and, further, that it forward the name of this coordinator to the Diocesan Stewardship Commission by the beginning of Great Lent 2014 (March 3).

b. the parish council of every parish in the diocese will review the stewardship practices of its parish according to the principles that the diocesan Stewardship Commission has laid out in its resources; and, further, that it report its findings to the Diocesan Stewardship Commission by the beginning of the Church Year 2014 (September 1)

c. the parish council of every parish in the diocese develop a plan for the growth of the stewardship of time, talent, and treasure in its parish using the guidance and materials of the diocesan stewardship commission; and, further, that it report its plan to the Diocesan Stewardship Commission by the beginning of the Church Year 2014 (September 1).

5. A Proposal to establish Camp Nazareth as a separate legal entity with a separate board of trustees, was withdrawn but the Bishop and ACROD Board of Trustees will further investigate and report on the idea without taking any action.

Patriarchal Encyclical For The Start of the Liturgical Year

September 1 marks the start of the new Liturgical Year in the Orthodox Church. Attached is the Encyclical of His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew.


Visit of Bishop Gregory to St. Gregory of Nyssa Church

Bishop Gregory's Visit to Seaford - 03/25/13

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St Gregory of Nyssa Orthodox Church

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